My Never Ending Barclays Bounce Back Loan Application

Hey! You’re doing great work….

4 times now Barclays have instigated DM chat with me, they’ve asked how they can help, I outline the issue, then they just ghost me.

What is also concerning is that Starling have made it a hoop jumping exercise by wanting page after page of paperwork (government said this is not to be done) and seem to be declining people just for the fun of it, as well as carrying out Experian searches, again against government direction.

Between Barclays (who I still can’t apply with) and Starling (who I will apply with but have very little confidence) I honestly feel I’m going to “fall through the net”

I really don’t understand what Barclays problem is though…. they simply won’t say what the issue is and if they will resolve it.

It’s just so unclear, is it a case of a phone call, or like someone at Barclays said the “we need to talk to you” will suddenly disappear.

It’s poor to see some lenders shamelessly operating outside the terms of the scheme though, asking for page after page of paperwork, or Tide who are saying it’s a “pre approved” process where they will estimate turnover. How can that work for new customers or people who traded elsewhere??

Once allowed on to it, the Barclays application process is very easy, and the best I’ve seen given what others have reported.

Select business, manually input address and phone number, confirm turnover and amount to be borrowed, click a couple of check boxes.

After that you get terms and conditions, direct debit form (pre-filled in) and a few more statements to tick. The loan offer and contract then comes up, you sign and date the contract, and it’s done.

Credit where due, it’s good, you get the contract to sign there and then, you know you’re accepted, and it’s just a case of waiting…