My Experience with a Bounce Back Loan from Barclays

Hello mate just as heads up for people just spoke to Barclays about getting bbl through personal account she said if you have ccj you will get declined and that it states in the gov website credit checks will be carried out for bbl gave up the argument after 15 minutes was like talking to a robot

FINALLY!!! mate thanks so much for all the help you have given me and everyone I would have give up at the first hurdle if it wasn’t for your information, you my friend are an incredible human being

Starling- declined.

Barclays – declined.

Lloyd’s – declined

Hsbc- declined.

NatWest – Approved

Advice for others I was told by Barclays I have a open ccj (wasn’t aware) and they wouldn’t open an account unless there was a repayment plan and my credit rating is as bad as you could get so there is hope for everyone