My Complaint to the CEO of Barclays Got My BBL Sorted Out

Hey mate. Hope you are well. Long time lurker, short time follower, first time messenger.

Finally, since the 4th May, we have been able to apply for BBL with Barclays. After countless phone calls and dead ends, it was a complaint to the CEO office that started to get things moving.

Was told we could apple last Thursday, but it still wouldn’t work, another email arrived this morning asking us to try again and hey presto, we’ve just applied!

It seems the only way to get issues resolved with BBL application with Barclays is going to CEO office. Hopefully the end is in sight now. Thanks for your resources and efforts on here. Not sure where we’d be if we hadn’t found your Twitter

Just an update for followers. Applied for BBL with Barclays this morning after issues sorted at 10:38, new SC and AC number appeared at 7pm and funds credited just over an hour later. Finally. The relief is insane. Thank you for everything