My Clydesdale Bank BBL Application Taking Its Toll On Me

I have been following your thread and it’s helped keep me sane… although not helping me sleep.

Would really appreciate your help trying to get an update out of Clydesdale Bank

They appear really helpful, reply to twitter saying please DM so I can help you, then give the same generic response!

Nobody has even asked me for my details when I’ve called to chase…! I haven’t seen many but there must be a few of us here that are waiting for them to do something..

Another reason i would like to know what’s happening is that it’s likely my Starling card will arrive today so would like an honest answer from Clydesdale, if they aren’t likely to sort themselves out this week I’ll just apply with Starling..

Thank you. I’ve been getting nowhere for days, and like others it’s really taking its toll. Really appreciate what you’re doing.

Just spoken to Clydesdale on the phone. I asked for less than entitled to on the application and explained I would like to increase the amount requested…

According to Mia in the business direct team the money will either appear in your account, or the underwriters will call if they need more info, until then there is no way to follow up on applications other than the email address they are giving…. which I’ve emailed multiple times since last Wednesday and not had a response.

I said that wasn’t good enough because last thing I wanted was for the money to hit account and then not being able to increase amount.

She then told me that once I had received the money I could request more if needed, apparently lost of customers had done this. I challenged her and said I don’t think that’s the case, she went and spoke to manager and told me they couldn’t be sure!

I’d had enough by this point and have asked to cancel my application with immediate effect so I can apply with Starling. Honestly Clydesdale Bank are an absolute joke!

I’ve asked for them to confirm my cancellation request because I don’t want it to screw up my application with Starling!

Morning. Just thought I’d give you a little update. After tweeting their CEO and director of consumer comms again yesterday I’ve finally got a response out of them. I’ll let you know if she is able to give any updates or resolve anything.