My Bounce Back Loan Helpline – Open Every Day of the Week 4am to 4pm

My Bounce Back Loan Helpline is open as usual today from 4am to 4pm. Please consider becoming a website subscriber, either via a one off, non recurring monthly subscription or via a monthly recurring subscription, or alternatively consider making a donation, any of those options allows me to continue to fund the operation and keeps my service going.

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Do not sit there worrying alone, if you have something worrying you about your Bounce Back Loan, feel free to give me a call you can do so in complete confidence and it will be me taking the calls no one else.

I trialled a new idea a year ago and, in layman’s terms, I sat here with my mobile, and made it known that I would be happy to chat to anyone about anything that people may be worrying with their BBL, from missed payments, defaults, or anything else.

The phone calls came in thick and fast, and as such I have decided to offer this service on an ongoing basis, as there is obviously a need for it currently. Much more so now since most people with a Bounce Back Loan have exhausted all of the Pay as You Grow options.

I am not offering legal or financial advice and do not give me any of your personal or business banking details etc, but what I will be offering you is someone to talk to, for believe me, in the last three years plus, I have seen everything regarding BBLs, and I do mean everything.

It can be a lonely place when something is playing on your mind, much more so when it’s a Bounce Back Loan, so please do not fear phoning me up, you can withhold your number if you like, and anything you tell me will be in complete confidence.

Here is how it will work, if you call me and the number is engaged or rings out, I am chatting to someone else (obviously there is only one of me) so please try again later. I will not be trying to flog you anything either!

Phone Line Open Today

Line Open: 4:00am

Line Closed: 4.00pm

Number to Call:


The phone number is a bog-standard UK mobile number so the call will cost whatever it usually costs you to make such calls.

Now, if you are sat there scared to phone me up, please do not be, just dial the bloody number, you will feel better having got whatever it is off your mind, and no matter what it is that is troubling you regarding your Bounce Back Loan, I have seen it before.