MPs Squabbling in the House of Commons Over the Sordid Greensill Affair Leaves SMEs Fearful for Their Personal Safety

MPs from all sides have a lot to answer for, as their behaviour in the House of Commons the other day, has brought the entire Government’s Covid Loan Schemes in total disrepute, the General Public are fuming and many SME’s who got one of those loans are now living in fear, at being associated with those now tarnished loan schemes, with many SMEs demanding they are written off.

The pure hatred and venom that spewed out of many MPs mouths in the House of Commons the other day was shocking to see.

The David Cameron – Rishi Sunak text message exchange was laid bare, with Conservative MPs showing their usual aloofness, MPs from other parties made their feelings known, and ultimately a vote was held to set up a new Committee to investigate that affair, and one in which witnesses and whistle-blowers could be called, but as expected the vote went the way of the Government, who will now use the in-place system to investigate the sordid and shocking affair.

Whether they know it or not, the behaviour of many MPs has left huge swathes of the Great British Public outraged, some angry, incredibly angry at the alleged dodgy dealings that have been going on.

I have spoken to a huge number of people who have taken out a Bounce Back Loan, and they are now living in fear, as they know deep down, and any MP with an ounce of common-sense will also know, some people are going to associate anybody with a BBL, or any type of Government backed loan with those alleged seedy affairs.

I am hoping BEIS at least see sense and pull their ridiculous scheme to name everyone who got such a loan; however, many SMEs want those loans written off and a stone-cold guarantee that any negative affects brought on by MPs and the Government’s recent actions and scandals will not tarnish them or their businesses, and if they are they are compensated accordingly.

Let us face facts here, those SMEs took those loans out in good faith and to help them “Bounce Back”, they were never, never under the impression that weeks or months later their businesses or in some extreme instances even their lives would be put at risk.

The Public are angry, whilst the majority of them are of course good upstanding people, we all know about the others, and many SMEs are fearful of the way they will react to anyone in any way shape or form associated with those now tarnished Government backed loan schemes, which has without a shadow of a doubt, as you can all see yourself if you watch the MPs behaviour the other day, been made much, much worse by the behaviour of those MPs.

I urge restraint, it is not those SMEs fault, they are at the heart of the Great British Economy, they are not the ones to blame.

The Government need to hang their heads in shame, and those MPs that did incite hatred need to look deep into their hearts and stop their madness.