Long Wait for a Bounce Back Loan with HSBC

Hi there. A little HSBC ‘we don’t care how much we upset you.’ story…

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Initially I applied for a business account with HSBC, but when I found out about Feeder Accounts, a few days later, I called their customer service team, and spoke to a lovely lady about cancelling the business account application, and starting a feeder account application.

She advised I keep the business account application open, and also progress the feeder account application.

I heard nothing for 2 weeks, then received notification that I’d been denied a business account. Then, silence.

I contacted the CEO team, and initially got great traction, but this petered out, and a week later I was eventually sent an email inviting me to apply for the feeder account online.

It denied me immediately, which the CEO team told me was always going to happen after I’d been denied a business account, as it uses the same acceptance criteria. Weeks of waiting and heartache, and they could have told me the result at the same time I was told the business account was off limits.

A week later, I got a letter from the onboarding team to verify my name and address, and an email asking me to supply information to the original business account application online. This done, it denied me again.

It feels like someone is simply taking the piss. Why are they raising people’s hopes like this, keeping them on tenter hooks, then denying them? These are credit score decisions. Do it up front before all the sodding form filling and checks.

Sorry. Bit cross.

It’s unbelievably upsetting to get these false hopes though.