Long Saga Trying to Get BBL from HSBC

Hiya, have you ever heard of HSBC sending out edocs late at night before? Just seeing if me checking is worth it. (I have seen they are paying out)

close a limited company

Spoke to them yesterday and a nice lady said it would be today/Monday latest for edocs but aiming to get money drawn down by Monday too. She made it out like I was accepted already but until I see those edocs I can’t relax.

When nice lady phoned me up she only knew about 2 of my later applications (I had done 5!).

And these people have control of our money – Bat shit crazy!

May 16, 2020, 8:20 PM

Well well well!!! ….Eco signed and bbl account appeared. Can’t get it yet but I’m now off to have a beer! And not check for a couple of hours, first time in 2 weeks!

Thanks for your support, good things happen to kind people and I hope they happen for you

Wow and I thought HSBC cocked up, really feel for any rejected Starling Bank applications. What an absolute mess this whole thing has been.

Money available in last 20 mins!! HSBC May 19