Lloyds Proving Why They Are the Best Bank

Our bounce back loan experience we had two business closed overnight one was a new business so did not qualify for any help, four children at home one child shielding and two rents to pay  and no hope of opening our cafe any time soon

We were so relieved when we heard on the press conference  about the “bounce back loans’ we waited for the day, 9 am we went to apply, our bank  was not doing the loans, we applied to Lloyd’s account and got turned down, we spent the day trying to set up a landing account with HSBC.

We spent hours waiting on the phone, sending id proof of address  three days later the HSBC lady said “we have everything we need for the next team to set up your account” we waited two weeks still nothing no emails no letters, we turned to twitter and found this group, only to find others in the same dilemma.

Then I saw a tweet that through our bank Halifax we could open a Lloyd’s account our last hope to save our business it took one hour and we had a account set up it was a bank holiday weekend so we waited I was a nervous wreck, on Tuesday 2 pm we were paid OMG what a roller coaster so so stressful, Lloyd’s were amazingly fast, finally today we received our card and pin so we can withdraw the money