It Took Me Six Weeks to Get a Bounce Back Loan from HSBC

Hi there!  So – it’s 6 weeks (and about 15 phone hours) since I started my attempt at a BBL with Barclays (the bank I’ve been with for 20 years),  and 2 weeks since I applied with HSBC (via my First Direct.  I just got my loan agreement to sign from HSBC.  No £ yet but fingers crossed!  Barclays have been utterly useless.

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Happy to wait!  Thanks for all the info you’ve shared and the community spirit – really appreciate it

Morning!  Do you know – once you’ve signed the echo sign loan agreement with HSBC, is it a done deal or can there be further issues?  I know you said 48 hours for the loan to arrive but I signed Thursday and still nothing…

Note: You should be OK it takes 2 working days usually to receive the funds, but often slightly longer, your money should arrive at any time, very good chance it will be today or this week. Sit back and wait Emily you are almost there. Its usually two business days.

Its the worst part of the wait, waiting for the money drop, but as soon as the echosigns have been sent back you are going to receive the cash, however unbelievable that may seem! It will come just hang in there.