It Took Me 19 Days to Get an HSBC BBL

Just scrolling through the days tweets as I’ve been busy today, there seems to be more and more declines coming through, I think Starling have set a trend. Oh and I didn’t get any reply from the HSBC CEO today or any documents to sign. No shock really!

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Wow the first bit on contact from HSBC since applying on the 4th May.

Could have had something to do with your tweet from last night *tap nose**.

Thanks for your help so far.  It looks like a generic email but at least it’s some recognition. Coincidentally this email arrived 2 min after I have just opened a Tide account. Keep up all your good and hard work.

It’s me again :)…… I can confirm a BBL account is showing in my app however I’m still yet to receive any echo documents to sign.

Flood gates have opened today – I have now received my echo sign documents. It pays to be persistent.

Thanks once again for all your help and support Over the past 2 weeks I owe you a beer

So my HSBC BBL application life cycle is complete on the 19th day from application, funds have just dropped.

It’s been a long few weeks to say the least but we made it and rest assured I intend to pay every penny of this this loan back contrary to news reports today that many companies are planning not too.

Once again many thanks for your help and  for all those HSBCer’s going out their mind still waiting just stay positive as the funds will eventually hit your account, I to was once getting angered when people who had applied 2 weeks after me had been paid out so quick so I know how they are feeling.

It is worth noting however this delay is not down to the agents on the phone, lending team or underwriters, it’s down to the people who have modelled/designed the current team set up from the start of the applications.

The CEO of HSBC should have taken the CEO of Lloyd’s out for a meal on the 3rd May to compare notes before launching!

I will be still following your feed and tweets for the foreseeable future as I certainly wouldn’t have got this far without you and the people coming together. Stay safe all.