It Took Ages But HSBC BBL Has Finally Appeared

A quick update on my situation. Applied on the 6th then the 11th. No echosign received so complained to the ceo. Got a reply yesterday morning just stating I have a case worker now.  No info yesterday but had a call at 9.05 this morning saying she was on the case pretty much. I’m thinking maybe with all the money drops. That might of been the main priority yesterday and hopefully today they’re putting more time in to people who haven’t received the echosigns. I’ll. Update you when I hear more or even better finally get my echosign email.

I had an email from my case worker this morning May 25th. Fair play to her she’s been spot on. Said my app was on the next stage this morning. I just checked my app and the funds are showing in bbl balance. Just can’t access it yet. I haven’t had an echosign yet though but hopefully that comes though today..

Just got an email from my case worker.. Funds have been drawn down to business account and available. Emailing the ceo made all the difference. Cheers for your help with everything. Unsung hero. Anyone going through the same kind of thing just hang in there. It’s such a downer all the waiting but such a relief when it finally lands. The waiting seems a long time ago now.

All the best mate keep up the good work. Hopefully the feeders get sorted now. I’m glad I set up a new business account instead of going for the feeder lol