Is It Worth Trying for a Bounce Back Loan with Metro Bank?

Hi I’m sure you’re still getting a ton of messages. I joined the starling wait list day 1 when introduced I was able to open a new biz account with them to get a BBL as I bank with nationwide, as of yet I’ve heard nothing, support is shocking and say nothing.

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I was wondering to try and open another biz account to get something rolling with someone else. What bank would you recommend the BBLS for a new customer?

Apologies if you mentioned this somewhere before I may have missed it. Also I’ve seen that metro I quite good but my nearest metro bank is sadly 30+ miles away. Thanks if you’re able to read this!

Note: Metro Bank – Seriously worth the journey it really is, do an online application for an invite to the branch, then once the account is fully opened you can apply via their hassle free Bounce Back Loan application service.