I Was Declined for a Bounce Back Loan with Metro Bank

Hi was wondering if you could offer some advice, after an agonising wait for metro to get accredited finally applied on Monday and was told it was being reviewed and have now been declined, however after being on hold for hours on phone to business manager team was told they don’t know why it was rejected?

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Just do not understand why, when i meet all of the criteria business that has a turnover of 2 million a year, been banking with them for years! Just so frustrating not being given a reason why? Especially when we were not entitled to any government grants because my business operates from a unit. Kind regards

Note: That sounds like there could be a mismatch on your credit report with that you have told the bank, one slight mismatch and you can be declined. Have a read through this page https://mrbounceback.com/been-declined-for-a-bank-account-or-bbl/