I Want to Appeal My Feeder/Business Account Decline

I don’t have a good credit rating due to a relationship breakdown. As a sole trader I run my little admin business (that supports me and my 4 kids) through a basic personal account with NatWest. On the 22nd May I applied for a feeder account and received a rejection last night for a ‘business current account’ (rejection attached) despite following their instructions as stating it was for a BBL feeder account.

close a limited company

Is there anyway I can appeal this?

NatWest are my only hope as it’s the only bank I have an account with that offers BBLs (other than Tide – which I opened in May so am screwed with that!!!) All other banks only seem to be offering BBLs to existing customers other than HSBC which will credit check.

Any advice you can give is appreciated. I’m down to £1.70 in my account.

Note: You have to keep on trying and hounding any bank you have applied to and haven’t heard back from.