I Recently Spent a Morning Chatting to Ray McLennan and Nigel Best about Bounce Back Loans on their the “How to Raise Money” Podcast Show – Do Tune In

They have given that podcast the title “Is the Bounce Back Loan scheme dead?” and you will find the link below if you fancy tuning in. We had a general discussion about the BBL scheme and the way it is heading and I am sure some of you out there will find it interesting.


“If you are affected by anything to do with money worries then please seek help – you are not alone and everything is figureoutable ***

Today we have Mr BounceBack in the studio!

Have you got a BounceBack Loan? Touted as the saviour of small business during the pandemic, many are now finding the saviour may rapidly be turning into a millstone around your neck.

What is the solution? What is going on? Who can we get answers from?

Thankfully we have Mr BounceBack himself to tell us more…