I Have Been Waiting for Barclays Since Day One

Hi I’ve been reading your articles on the bounce back loan and wondered if you could give me some advice.

Ive been trying to apply with barclays since 4th may with error message stating details of individuals need to be verified.

Ive spoken with a business manager who advised on barclays end they didn’t have my business location as uk so they updated that and did mention my middle name not being on companies house but then said that doesn’t matter.

I’m now awaiting somebody to supposedly remove the error so i can apply. Do u think it’s still worth me adding my middle name to companies house?

Also should I alter my sic code as its under “banks” but I’m a financial services contractor so i didnt know would this cause issues. Really worried because had a lot of people on here telling me the error I’m seeing will mean I will never get a bounce back loan

Note:  Lots and I do mean lots of people had very similar problems with Barclays, I have 1000’s more complaints and problems to load up to the website, I would ensure your details match for any mismatch will red flag you and cause delays. If your business is in one of the market/service sectors that are not allowed to apply for a BBL you will not get one, check the British Business Bank website for a definitive list.