I Felt Fobbed Off with NatWest

Just keeps feeling like they are fobbing me off!!

close a limited company

I thought that at first but believe me I have seen them paying out lots of cash but in a very random fashion. If you have been applied, it will come.

24 hours to NatWest is pie in the sky it will come if you have been approved, remember those words “it will come” when you are at your wits end

Just spoke to NatWest and although they have agreed my loan application as it hasn’t come through I need to reapply!!! Unbelievable I was told on Friday 24 hours and on Monday it would be by midnight last night!!

Well, applied for the second time let us see what happens!!

We’ll all paperwork signed and accepted in under 24hrs!! Fingers crossed for payment

They’ve just texted me and said my company registration number is valid!!! As I am a sole trader, I don’t have one FFS

Had enough now!! Been on the phone for 3 hours to be told that you can’t speak to anyone until Monday!! Unfortunately, that is too late and I will lose my office and business as my landlord won’t wait any longer. Worst thing is NatWest have accepted by loan twice and still not paid

Hi, just got through to NatWest on phone, apparently, they don’t understand why I received a text that my application had been cancelled!!! Apparently it’s all going through and I should have my money soon….. Not going to hold my breath

Yea , overnight money drop from NatWest May 19, been waiting since 6th May !!!

How funny NatWest have messaged me this morning saying I need to reapply!! Not sure they know what’s happening. Thanks for sharing everyone’s struggles and journeys it gives us all help