I Am Going Around and Around with Bank of Ireland

Hi I applied for a bounce back loan with my bank, Bank of Ireland, it all went through and I have yet to receive my loan…they are saying they require accounts as it’s a ‘back book refresh’ and unless I give the accounts I can’t get my loan.

close a limited company

So when I challenged them I have been told the loan is no problem it’s already approved but I need to do this back book refresh and provide accounts in order for them to open up my loan account to repay the bounce back loa

I am at my wits end with this and i have went back and forth to the bank and they have told me that because my industry is deemed ‘high risk’ (pub) they have to do responsible lending as per the rca’s instructions….

I just feel I’m just getting the run-around….

can anyone please please please advise???

I was under the impression you apply and boom few days it’s in the account.

crazy thing is my loan to purchase the pub some years ago is currently with the Bank of Ireland lol so they have all my history.

Note: Email the CEO as that will get a response.