HSBC Offered Me Compensation for BBL Delay

Hi sorry to bother you. I’m a new business (IT). Started 20/2 of this year, I’ve registered as a sole trade in the last week as the policy stated I had three months to do so.

close a limited company

I’ve basically spent nearly 30k getting started but been set back until the companies I will support re open again. The contracts are signed would I be eligible for a bounce back loan on an estimate or not. Thanks I advance

Thanks.. Complained to the CEO team got a reply within an hour.

Got told my application was lost so they are sorting out compensation.

Had about a half hour conversation going through a feeder account interactive where is could see my details on their computer.

Signed multiple documents and been advised I now need to wait 2 weeks for another appointment with the loans department. Sole trader with a personal account.

The person who went through my application also said majority of them are doing multiple roles at the minute due to the demand without training