HSBC Offered Me Cash to Feed My Children

I almost had a breakdown yesterday… and told the girl at HSBC that I wasn’t entitled to universal credit…. income support or seiss.

That I had to furlough staff and went overdrawn on my overdraft…i said I didn’t even have enough money to feed my children….. it was a complete meltdown…. she rang me at 7pm and asked me to give her my bank account details as her manager said I needed money asap to make sure my kids were fed…. I was mortified and said no…. there are some good people in hsbc.

My Reply: You will be back on here soon telling me you have been paid I am 100% confident of that, and you have been the most polite person I have come across in your dealings with the bank!

Aww thank you!

If it wasn’t for your help, I truthfully believe there would have been a very different outcome.

It dropped!

I had tears…. again.

Thank you so very much for everything you have done for myself and you continue to do for others.

I really appreciate you!!