HSBC Making Me Jump Through Hoops To Get a BBL

Hi not sure if this is right place never use Twitter

close a limited company

But HSBC really don’t know there arse from there elbow.

I was given a number on Friday after having to print off find out sign all these forms did that told my original case handler this is for the feedback account.

i had sent it all in asked new handler if it’d all done u to old will be in my account today.

He hadn’t even gave me my account number .

I tried to complain this morning as was told feedback accounts people can’t complain Wow.

so another 24 hrs of feeling sick.

I now have an account number and sort code.

Loan form sent in but still non the wiser so now i think I have a feeder account and have applied for my bbl .

But who knows because I haven’t yet had to give any accounts so this today’s was the 3rd set of forms as well as sending them my credit file?

What to do next. Everyone seems to have different experiences

Think that’s for the loan? I have not had to give my accounts yet. Some people have had to give them. Some people bank statements. You must be going round in circles with all this.

I will message you tomorrow with any update but it’s a complete farce. Sorry for moaning

How can it be so different for everyone.

Fingers crossed that I have jumped through all the hoops. Appreciate all your time and look forward to your tweets