HSBC Finally Getting Things Sorted Out

HSBC – Loan just landed 24 hours after signing the documents!!!! 4 weeks to the day of application. Massive weight lifted, emotions riding high.

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Thank you so much for everything you have done, it is the only place that has kept me sane!

So I will send you a diary of the whole process…..

Applied as a sole trader using a personal account on 5th May (am)

I called a week later asking if there was anything I could do to push the process along, I was too aware that the application went through without attaching my copy of my tax return. Was told to hang on and wait for ecosign docs to come through.

Refresh emails every 5 mins checking inbox and junk religiously wearing my phone battery down.

Apply again on Sat 24th, attached my tax return this time and confirmation email immediately came through shortly followed by……..

HSBC email asking for a copy of my Tax return on Sat 24th May – 2 weeks and 2 days after original application. I can only assume it took them that long to look at it! Attached and sent immediately.

27th May logged into twitter after years away and discovered @Bounce_BackLoan

Called HSBC again 27th May, was told again about the volume of applications and that they had no way of checking individual application progress.

Tweet tweet tweet some more and a twitter response from HSBC asking for details to escalate, sent 10:30am and no further response.

Sent a complaint form online Sunday 31st May.

Add to twitter response “am I to assume there is a problem?” 1st June,  Still no response however documents to sign land in my inbox at 12:56pm. Signed and returned and confirmed 1:19pm……

Wait wait wait wait log in online banking, log off, log in, log off, log in OMG its there!!!!! 2nd June around 24 hours after documents returned. 4 weeks exactly to the day.

Relief, emotions, time to dig my business out of the hole it was sliding into!