How Things Progressed in Week Eighteen of the Bounce Back Loan Scheme

We all had to guess just how many Bounce Back Loans had been approved in week eighteen of that scheme which covered the days from 31st of August through to and including the 6th of September 2020 as those figures were due to be released monthly instead of weekly.

As you will see if you watch the video below there were plenty of approvals that week, but the usual mix of problems reported too.

To give you some idea of just what problems were still ongoing in week eighteen of the BBL scheme I have put together an overview of some of them below as usual.

A whole host of problems were beginning to flow in with the latest Bounce Back Loan lender this week, that being Conister, the problems people experienced are well document on this website so have a look around.

HSBC complaints were as numerous as ever this week, with people being declined for reasons unknown and only when they complain did some of them get their applications looked into again, with many of them having being victim to the infamous online application portal problems.

Not being able to open an account with the few lenders that were accepting new customers was still the most complained about aspect of the BBL scheme during this week.

Most people that did complain to the British Business Bank would be sent out a stock “nothing we can do” type email, as it was the individual lenders who could decide whether they wanted to process and pay out a BBL to those wanting one.

Many MP’s were now more than aware of the never-ending problems with the Bounce Back Loan scheme, and more and more of them were now prepared to step in and assist their constituents when they were asked to do so.

I was also getting plenty of MP’s following me on Twitter or lurking around the account or contacting me directly, and the same was to be said of journalists too, some of whom did sympathise with applicants.

However, a small number of journalists were much more interesting in Bounce Back Loan fraud than putting out stories about how the scheme was failing many people, but fair play to those that were concerned as many of them did put together articles on those suffering due to the failings of the scheme.

People could also apply for a business bank account with HSBC via their new HSBC Kinetic app, however it was only available to those with an apple iPhone and not those with an Android device.