How Many People Are Challenging Their Bounce Back Loans

It may feel like Christmas has come early, knowing you finally have a route to take to help you challenge your Bounce Back Loan, however one question you will possibly have about you doing just that is just how many people are doing so.

The final set of BBL related figures show that some 1,560,309 businesses got a Bounce Back Loan and some £47.36bn was approved in loans via that scheme. Keep in mind that is the number of businesses and not the number of individual people, as lots of people got more than one BBL for different companies they own.

The record is 36 BBL’s for one individual running 36 businesses by the way.

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So, with the above in mind how many people are going to be challenging their BBL(s)? That figure will become apparent in the weeks and months ahead; however, I am more than aware that many of you out there will be of the mind that you would rather wait, watch, and see how other people’s claims progress.

That is your decision to make, but it is worth pointing out that on the upside, Back British Business have invested heavily in the service they are now offering and as such they are committed to the task at hand.

You will hear a lot from them moving forward, and if you can afford the fee that they charge then do consider making use of their service, for that will get the ball rolling and the more people that do challenge their loans the better.

I say that for I know as soon as the banks all start to individually respond to the Back British Business legal team, they are going to be able to collate those responses and will soon be able to work out what is what and will rapidly start to act on those responses.

In much the same way that I have uncovered all manner of wrongdoing by the banks since the scheme started thanks to 10’000s of you sending in information as the scheme progressed.

These days you have to pick up the baton and run with it, and if you want to possibly be part of history in the making, and you are up for challenging your BBL then consider doing just that, and if all goes well, by doing so you will be helping others not being in a financial position just yet to make use of the service offered by the Back British Business team, and will give them the confidence to challenge their BBL too.

Is it worth the £550 plus VAT (£660.00 in total) fee? Only you can decide. However, it will be worth using the £50 discount code offered by the EUA Campaign:

You Have to Decide for Yourself Whether to Challenge Your BBL

It is going to be your decision whether you do make use of the service offered by Back British Business, and as such please do think about your options moving forward.

I am not offering any type of advice, legal or other, but am committed to ensuring you are aware of all of the options available to you, and I am carefully watching the progress made by the Back British Business team in getting BBL’s either written off or reduced in value and will continue to report on that aspect and all other aspects of the BBL scheme moving forward.

Having seen the stunts pulled by banks and those in charge of the rules of the scheme and their flat out refusal to acknowledge the problems the BBL scheme have caused and the devastation to many businesses moving forward, the time has certainly come to challenge those loans.