Highs and Lows of Week Fourteen of the Bounce Back Loan Scheme

Moving onto week fourteen of the Bounce Back Loan scheme, which covered the days from the 3rd of August to and including the 9th of August, a slight drop in approved BBL’s were reported that week totalling some 21,721 loans.

As for what problems people were still experiencing this long after the scheme was launched, well watch the video below for a selection of some of the never-ending messages I received that week.

I still had people complaining that they had applied with HSBC back in May and their applications were not showing any progress, I know that bank did get a huge number of people applying for their feeder accounts, but they were becoming infamous for their lack of customer support sadly.

Half the battle of getting a Bounce Back Loan was of course getting a bank account with an accredited lender and for many people that was proving to be an impossible task and would remain that way for the months ahead too.

Barclays were still making appointments for those who wanted a business account with them, however, as was previously the case, many people had their appointments set for many weeks ahead, and some at branches many miles away from where they lived too.

Those on the Starling waiting list were also getting anxious, wondering if their name would ever be called out and whether they could finally apply for a BBL.

I did suggest some people wander into a bank branch of the bank that they had been experiencing problems with and if needed throw themselves at the mercy of the staff in a branch in the hope their never-ending problems could get sorted out there and then, and that was a successful strategy for some but not all.

Once again it was Clydesdale and Yorkshire Banks that were saving the day for many people that I sent their way, as mentioned previously they were a tad slow but did open accounts eventually for many of my followers who then finally managed to apply for and get a BBL.

Lloyds too were giving people a completely hassle-free experience as they had done since day one of the scheme.