Had to Wait But Got There with Natwest

Hello! I noticed Natwest have put a stop to new applications.

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I am a personal customer and applied for a feeder account on the 13th. This was approved today. I applied for a BBL, returned documents, have since received loan documents to sign, and have done so.

So everything done and dusted in space of a few hours and now I am just waiting on funds

Does it appear feeder accounts / new accs only being rejected for those with no prior association with natwest? Just thought I would let you know as there is still hope for some people their account will get approved if they already made an application, as mine was this AM.

Phew, feel v lucky! My husband applied with Lloyds. Business acc in one day. Loan in the following day. Another 5* feedback for them to go to your collection 🙂

just noticed this on my credit report from yesterday:

A search from Natwest – Says “Can impact credit score” – so must have been a hard search.

Seen a few people mention it on Twitter today too.

No probs! It better bloody not impact it!!

So my natwest bbl came in 🙂  timescale was 7 days for account opening. Then all docs etc exchanged within 1 day and money within 3 days. As advetised. Feel v lucky. I have launched complaint re. The credit check tho. Ill let you know what they say.

Thank you for your hard work. I would have been way more anxious without this acc to follow

Few glasses of wine tonight