Had To Prove to Barclays I Didn’t Have Cifas Markers

Anyone still receiving the more information is needed error for #barclays when trying to apply for the #bbls i have updated my identity and address also my mandate and UTR have been updated, what else do I need? anyone have any info on what they needed to get past this stage

Not sure if its any use to you I am now being told by Barclays I cant apply due to a Cifas on my credit File even though i haven’t applied yet so not sure how they no that?

I flatly denied this claim so they have asked me to send them my report to show I have no Cifas… Im not sure they have any business with my credit report or even allowed to ask for it, but I sent them 3 separate reports anyway all showing no CCJ’s no bankruptcies and no Cifas i wonder what the reason will be next?

I give up