Gutted at HSBC Declining Me for a Bounce Back Loan

Any advice for getting HSBC to move things along? Have applied with my feeder account details, have sent my tax return in when asked and have emailed the CEO and his office, just waiting for the echo sign

Thanks, just dreading one of my competition getting back up and running before I am

Your page is a great read BTW keep up the good work

Ive done the bit most people are struggling on, getting a feeder account sort code and account number. Now to wait

Well buddy, feeder account opened 2 weeks ago today, but no echo sigh, have emailed CEO etc. Had a email promising me an update in 3 working days… On Monday. Still no word. Really am stressing 🙁

Just hoping that now I have the feeder account I shouldn’t get declined bb

So rang today.

I was told although my feeder account was opened they have denied my BBL

Absolutely gutted