Getting a Bounce Back Loan with a Lloyds Current Account

Hi @Bounce_BackLoan

I know your pretty busy with all the messages, I’m still waiting to hear back from starling but seeing the mass declines on twitter I’m not holding out much hope!

If I have to reapply elsewhere, who’s looking the less painful to deal with

So Starling have declined us I’ve just tried to set up an account with hsbc but that’s been declined

Do you know what banks are taking on new clients?

Trying to not let this kill us off

Afternoon bud, took a few hours away from all this stress! An update if you’re not already aware.. I’ve managed to set up a basic account at Lloyds, I’ve spoken to a very helpful person on the phone that has told me you can then apply for a business account if you have a current account with them that was opened before March the 2nd.