Full Overview of the Number of Cases Currently with the Bounce Back Loan Door-Kicking Police (The National Investigation Service)

The National Investigation Service provides investigations for what was BEIS, focusing on business support grants and Bounce Back Loans.

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The data presented below shows a point in time, as opposed to a trend over time, because the data shows the results as of 30th April 2023. Data is collected monthly and further updates are available. NATIS focus is on serious and organised crime cases and cases are complex and time consuming in nature.

Total Number of open investigations (as of 30/04/23)

  • Bounce Back Loans: 217
  • Business Support Grants: 16

Number of cumulative arrests

  • Bounce Back Loans: 74
  • Business Support Grants: 45

Cases with CPS for Advice

  • Bounce Back Loans: 2
  • Business Support Grants: 1

Cases with CPS for pre-Charge Decision

  • Bounce Back Loans: 8
  • Business Support Grants: 3

Criminal prosecutions at court

  • Bounce Back Loans: 2
  • Business Support Grants: 2