Constantly Emailing the CEO Team at HSBC

Hi, Just been reading threw your tweets. I applied on the 6th of last month for the bounce back loan with HSBC. I have a personal account with them and am a sole trader, still nothing back yet at all. I’ve also re applied but I think I shouldn’t of done so In case it complicates things. Is this a normal thing to be waiting this long?

Hi you need to email the CEO team and tell them just what you told me there is a chance you have been lost in the  system and they can help you out, email address on my website

Alright mate, yesterday I reapplied and contacted the CEO complaints email on your website. I had a fast reply stating I had to send in my name and other details still no reply yet from my response. Hoping now at almost 5 weeks in I may get some kind document back!!

I tried to re apply again. But they have now capped applicants of applying more than 3 times it says when I tried to re apply

Hi again. Spoke to multiple different hsbc staff today. It turns out all along after the 5 weeks wait, I had to open a feeder account even though I already banked with hsbc

Hi again. Trying to find on your account how long a feeder account typically takes but struggling to see anything, do you anything about how long thjs normally takes?

If you want the truth it takes a good few weeks, sorry cant tell you shorter as I have had people waiting from the start 4th of May

Blimey.. better wait patiently then.. thanks for that!