Confusion Over NatWest Bounce Back Loans

Hi, apologies for the long-winded message in advance. I revived a rejection email from NatWest 2 days ago but I was already ahead of the curb and submitted another application which I had signed the final loan agreement between NatWest and I.

However, I received a rejection text a day after the initial rejection email. This has caused confusion for me, but NatWest are claiming it is most likely a delayed response from first application.

I’ve signed final loan agreement, is it possible to still get rejected after?

Ahh it was the confusion of the text the day after I had already received rejection email. I have signed a loan agreement but the text came after so I’m assuming delayed response from my first application.

Think natwest have dropped the ball tbh

They don’t even have my details on the chat so how could they say that. It’s as if the advisors do not understand what I’m saying