CIFAS Markers On My Company Causing Bounce Back Loan Problems

Hey GUYS I’m hoping everyone is well, I am the owner of A limited company and I bank with Barclays, 4th of May I was on Barclay’s website for the BBL, It didn’t give me the option to apply online, it asked for my contact details and someone needed to speak to me before I can apply, so I filled it in and waited and waited.

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Then I chased them up by phone they told me someone was going to get back to me as soon as y, I ended up waiting for 49 days for that phone call, I wasn’t just waiting and waiting I spent over 25 hours on the phone to Barclay at the end some got back to me yesterday 23/06/20 the person that called me introduced himself as my Business bank manager.

He was calling from a mobile didn’t go through any security told me that my application was rejected, I was a bit confused at first as I never even made the application yet, I only put my phone number for them to call me back.

I try explaining this to the business bank manager said me they had tools that they did checks beforehand and apparently CIFAS has a marker on my name or Company. I have made about five complaints to Barclays which are still being investigated, about the way they have handled this and the time they had to get back to me.

But obviously he advised me that the complaints wouldn’t change the outcome, I’m a bit confused here I haven’t made the application but I’ve got refused other banks are not allowing new customers therefore I’m not able to apply for the bounce back loan somewhere else! my business has got over eight weeks of cash flow which is scary now, i’m really stuck guys I could lose my business in 8 weeks’ time which means I will lose my livelihood. I’m just wondering if there’s any advice anyone could give me?

Note: This is a common complaint with Barclays, and as such please get any erroneous CIFAS Markers checked out and removed from the credit file and then alert Barclays to the fact they have been removed. Once that is done and they are aware they have previously been very happy to process Bounce Back Loan applications.