Check Your HSBC EchoSign’s They Are Up To Their Delay “Tricks” Again

It appears that HSBC are up to their old delay tricks again, if you have been following my updates since the start of the Bounce Back Loan scheme, then you will be more than aware that bank has a penchant for making ridiculous errors on the EchoSign’s they require you to sign to receive a Bounce Back Loan once it has been approved.

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By making such errors they then have to issue new EchoSign’s which does of course cause added delays.

They have weirdly pulled that trick a couple of times over the last few months, but low and behold they have just started to pull it again.

Many people have faced some exceptionally long and drawn out delays already trying to get a Bounce Back Loan with HSBC since the start of the scheme, and the same when trying to apply for a Top Up too.

I did receive a tip off the other day that someone had noticed on their EchoSign that HSBC had sent out to them the first repayment as a day and month in the year 2081.

I do of course like to see more than one person telling me the same thing just in case it’s a one off before I go public, and my Tweet below caused another person to check their recently signed EchoSign and low and behold the same thing had happened to them:

I have alerted the powers that be, and as such if you too have been sent out an erroneous EchoSign you will now have to wait even longer until they correct that error and send out a new EchoSign.

You would think having made repeated EchoSign mistakes previously, someone with a brain at HSBC would double check the bloody things before sending them out, alas that does not appear to be the case.

Keep in mind too that trying to get through to anyone at HSBC is a nightmare and often the support staff have not a clue how to help you when you do manage to speak to someone on the phone if its Bounce Back Loan related.

If you have an incorrect date on your recently sent out EchoSign a quick word with your MP may see that MP being able to contact someone who can get it corrected at HSBC much quicker than you ever could, rather than you having to waste hours on the phone getting nowhere.

Perhaps its time for Amanda Murphy – Head of Commercial Banking HSBC UK to resign. She obviously is not up to the job.

For reference here are the erroneous documents those two affected HSBC Bounce Back Loan applicants got sent: