Chancellor Jeremy Hunt Announces The Government Is Ferociously Determined to Recover Money Obtained Through Fraud But Bounce Back Loans Gave the UK the Fastest Recovery Of Any European Country

The Government is finally back in action in the Palace of Westminster after their Summer recess, and here is Barry Sheerman, Labour and Co-operative MP for Huddersfield giving Chancellor Jeremy Hunt a gob full about Bounce Back Loan fraud.

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For the record, BBL fraud rates have been dropping now they have sussed most of the suspected fraud was nothing of the sort.

The next Bounce Back Loan performance data dump will be forthcoming next week, and I will of course detail each banks performance, which will give you some idea of just how many BBL’s and their value have been defaulted and just how much has been paid back to each individual Lender via the BBL guarantee claim.

It is worth noting that is it only those taking the Insolvency route or taking the strike off route with a BBL owing that did wrong that are being chased and hunted down, and slapped Director bans or Bankruptcy Restrictions Orders and now Compensation Orders.

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Along of course the out and out BBL fraudsters who blagged over £100,000, they are being chased, rounded up and arrested by the Police Department tasked with going after them that being the National Investigation Service (NATIS).

Genuine BBL borrowers who default are being left alone, once the 12 month of debt collector action, that being them trying to get in touch without coming to a defaulters  door, to try to set up but failing to set up a repayment plan, if they cant within that 12 month time span, they step back and leave you alone, having been told to leave you alone by the Government.

That isn’t likely to change any time soon, if at all.


Read Written Confirmation That Ministers Have Told Bounce Back Loan Lenders That 12 Months Is An Appropriate Amount of Time to Pursue Outstanding BBL Debts