Subscriber Special – Step By Step Guide to Getting the Maximum Bounce Back Loan Defaulter Discount – You Could, Like 10,000s of Others, Pay Just Pennies in the Pound and Have the Rest Written Off Legally and Legitimately By the Lender with No Further Action

In this article I am going to be looking at the Bounce Back Loan Defaulter Discounts that many of you may have been offered and enlightening you on how much you can have knocked off the outstanding amount owed on a BBL that has been defaulted by the Lender, and what they are going to be looking at to determine whether to give in and give you a bigger discount. […]

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No Enforcement Action Expected For Most Bounce Back Loan Defaulters in 2024 or Beyond – Check to See Whether You Are Off the Hook or On the Radar for a Prison Sentence, Compensation Order and/or a Director Disqualification/Bankruptcy Restrictions Order

It is a question I do get asked day after day, and that question is whether anyone who has defaulted on their Bounce Back Loan is going to be facing enforcement action in the near future. So with that in mind in this article I will give you an insight into who is likely to have their collar felt in the weeks, months, and years ahead for not repaying a Bounce Back Loan, and those who won’t. […]