Call Back Made After Weeks of Waiting for Barclays

I’m one of those still waiting for the call back. Thing is, I get that staffing is an issue – but their communication has been abysmal. I’m not in crisis, but so many are.

I don’t want you getting all optimistic with things. Barclays are still useless. Although they did text me – to say they were cutting their savings rates. Outstanding work there.

Ah, just had a text from Barclays saying they’ve fixed the problems, please try again. Still doesn’t work, still no facility for finding out what the hell information it is they need. God, they’re so useless.

Oh my God. Barclays phoned me, left a message saying everything has been sorted (so they clearly didn’t need to actually speak to me after all) and I could apply.

And amazingly enough, I could. And did. Now the wait for the money to be transferred. Unlike some poor souls I’m not in dire straits, but it’s been so stressful not having the buffer which I might not need in this instant but will need in the coming months. So let’s wait and see.

And it’s in!

A heartfelt thank you to you and the wider community. I shan’t be going anywhere to try and add to the moral support for those still waiting.

Just to say, I didn’t overly hassle them, send emails to the CEO or anything like that. I suspect many/most haven’t either, so it seems it really is them making normal progress through the list.