Bouncing Back Episode 18: “My BBL Lender has recorded a CIFAS Fraud Marker against me for not talking to them, and reported me to NATIS the BBL Door-Kicking Police, why?”

This is Episode Eighteen  in a series of new webcasts in which I will answer, in around 60 seconds or so, some of the most asked individual BBL related questions to my Helpline.

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Please visit this section of the website to hear and watch a Bank Boss explain what they are up to. I have had a lot of calls about this from BBL recipients of different banks. You can do a free check to see if you have been “marked” here they tend to respond very quickly and then you will know.

Bank Boss Explains What Happens if You Do Not Engage with them Regarding Repaying a Bounce Back Loan and They Suspect BBL Fraud