Take the Bounce Back Loan Health Check to Discover Whether You Face Enforcement or Even Court Action for Anything You Did When Applying for a Bounce Back Loan, or Anything You May Have Done When Spending Your BBL

Take the Bounce Back Loan Health Check to discover whether you face enforcement or even court action for anything you did when applying for a Bounce Back Loan or anything you did when spending your BBL.

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Please answer all of the questions honestly when working your way through this Bounce Back Loan Health Check.

By doing so you will get a good insight into whether you are going to face any type of enforcement action or in some extreme cases risk being taken to court or even locked up if you did do anything wrong.

Some questions may not be relevant to you. However, to ensure you fully understand the answers given you will find legal documents, a plethora of links to cases I have written about and even videos of Bank Bosses giving you an insight into what they are up to.

There are not too many questions to work your way through, but the answers will see you immersing yourself in some of the 2,500 pages of this website.

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As is always the case, this is not legal or financial advice, it is me passing onto you relevant information and case studies which will reveal the outcome of cases regarding those who did, whatever it is they did wrong, when applying for, spending, or defaulting on a BBL that breached the rules of the scheme or broke the law.

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