Bounce Back Loan Door-Kicking Police Head to East London and Arrest One Person and Ask Another To Attend an Interview When He Is Not Too Busy Regarding a £1million Covid Grant Scam

Due to some dramatic cutbacks, the Bounce Back Loan Door-Kicking police (Natis – The National Investigation Service) do not get out much, preferring to send out letters asking for those they suspect of blagging a BBL or ripping off one of the Covid-Era grant schemes to attend a local police station for a “chat”.

close a limited company

Well they have just done both of those things, having jumped in their van, and visited East London.

NATIS investigators in conjunction with Metropolitan Police officers arrested 1 and arranged interview of another in relation to Small Business Grant fraud in East London.

The total defrauded amount is suspect to be in the region of one million pounds.

Stuart HOWELL  team manager  “This investigation is a complex matter involving not only the defrauded authorities but also multiple personal victims who have been implicated in this matter by way of identity theft.”