I’ve Offered My Input Into the NAO Bounce Back Loan Investigation

Every now and then something will catch your eye, and you think aha, that is right up my street, I can do that.

When I saw the National Audit Office asking for assistance with an upcoming audit into how the Government has handled the Bounce Back Loan scheme, I decided to get in touch with them and offer my services. Their statement is below.

They are seeking “experts” and those in one way or another associated with the BBL scheme, and whilst no one really can claim to be an “expert” on Bounce Back Loans, due to the way each individual bank/lender interprets their own rules for processing those types of loans, and the fact those rules can change on a daily basis, I feel I am in a good position as anyone to offer feedback.

That is based on speaking to 1000’s of applicants, some who managed to get a Bounce Back Loan and some still battling their way through the system.

I have made contact with them, you will see my response to their request for interested parties to get in touch with them below, obviously they may not like many of the stories/feedback/experiences I have to offer them, but they do need to be aware of them all if they are to perform and carry out a factual, in-depth and meaningful audit.

For reference, I have not heard back from them yet, perhaps they are on holiday, or simply do not want me to assist. Who knows? My fear is the outcome of said audit will be much like any other, with them stating “lessons need to be learnt” or some such similar thing.

My email to them is below:


I am reaching out to Mr Simon Reason and Mr Gregor Botlik, I see from the National Audit Office website that you are inviting people with experience of the Bounce Back Loan scheme to submit information to you as to how the scheme worked for them.

I run the https://twitter.com/Bounce_BackLoan Twitter account and supporting website www.mrbounceback.com and as you should be aware I have very quickly become a meeting point for 10,000’s of Bounce Back Loan applicants who have been experiencing no end of problems obtaining either a business bank account to allow them to progress through to applying for a BBL and also those being hit by a never-ending range of problems getting a Bounce Back Loan too.

I have 500+ complaints listed on the website (out of many 1000’s received) and have been offering via direct message / telephone and email support to those who need it, assistance since the scheme launched.

Many media outlets have reached out to me to connect with people experiencing problems getting a BBL for stories they have ran on their TV channels, radio stations and newspapers, and as you will see if you spend the time doing so, my Twitter account is followed by many verified “blue tick” journalists. (If proof of what I say is needed)

I am in the perfect position to give you a detailed account how each bank has performed from an applicant’s point of view, and also at getting your audit to the attention of 10,000’s of people who have applied for a BBL and got one or are still facing no end of problems getting one.

Sadly I have had to intervene and help some people who have been on the verge of suicide getting a Bounce Back Loan and stepping in personally to help those experiencing mental health problems when they have hit problem after problem with their BBL applications, whilst also helping those experiencing delays “keep the faith” that they will get one if they are eligible.

My concern is that you state on your website “please note that due to the volume of information we receive we may not respond to you directly.” That could mean any great effort I put into forwarding a report could be overlooked or not even considered.

Let me know your thoughts.