Are We Wasting Our Time Waiting for a Tide Bounce Back Loan?

Hi, heard a lot about you I know your busy but after some advice.

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Partner currently banking through metro with only a current account he’s self-employed /sole trader turn over 50k a year has no CCJ’s or bankruptcy went into branch yesterday with all documents to open business account but was unable to because needed a hard credit check and as he doesn’t have a good score.

They did not do this he has since opened a business current account online with tide and deposited a few hundred pounds so do you know what the time frame and criteria is in order to get the BBL with tide as we are really struggling financially and any advice would be gratefully received thank you keep up the good work

Only opened account yesterday partner claimed the SEISS but as a family of 5 we are desperate what is your experience with tide?? Thank you for your time

Have no other accounts apart from metro I on the other hand have applied for business account with NatWest but still waiting for account process to go through

Note: Tide just have very long waiting lists and no money to lend out, maybe a HSBC feeder account may help you but there are long waiting times for those too. Unless you have a Halifax account then you can apply with Lloyds. I would try with Metro they may be able to help and if so payment will be sent within 24 hours of a Bounce Back Loan application being put in.