An Eight Week Wait for Barclays to Process a Bounce Back Loan is Worth £200 in Compensation According to Ben the Ombudsman and Not the £1000 a Customer Felt Was Fair

Many of you out there may have tried applying for a Bounce Back Loan when they were available from Barclays but got the dreaded onscreen message telling you the bank needed to speak to you and that you should request a call back.

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Those of you that did will know it took an absolute age for Barclays to make those calls, and the complaint below ended up on the desk of Ben the Ombudsman from the Financial Ombudsman Service (FOS).

This is the call-back message I am sure plenty of you will remember getting when applying for a BBL with Barclays:

Some requested a call-back and got the following message and had to wait weeks and then months for that call back:


Some could not even get the call back form to work properly:



This is an overview and the outcome of the case presented to the FOS: