I’ve Uncovered the Grubby, Shocking Links Between Rishi Sunak’s Wife, Akshata Murty and the Reform UK MP Rupert Lowe, and How Digme Fitness, They Were Both Directors of, Went Bust after Bagging £630,000 in Furlough Payments, and Skanking Us Out of £6.1m in Unpaid VAT and PAYE

Just putting this out there, as the mainstream media and journalists are currently reporting on lost cats and potholes, all apart from The London Economic who have taken the story, and ran with it.

Read on, and ask yourself, why would Rishi’s wife join forces, way back in 2017, with a former Brexit Party MEP and now the Reform Party MP for Great Yarmouth, Rupert Lowe, and go into business together, when ultimately Reform did right royally stuff the Conservatives chances of getting more MPs at the General Election.

Was this a long term goal, pure coincidence, or something much more sinister. My intial Tweet has now been viewed in excess of one million times, so people are certainly clutching their pearls.

Whilst of course Rupert continues to rant about immigration into the UK, which obviously needs addressing in one way or another, I find it completely unfathomable why he would go into business with Mrs Sunak, when her own family business was heavily fined by the U.S. Government for immigration abuse and profiting from it too.

Feel free to verify that yourself on the following link > https://www.ice.gov/news/releases/indian-corporation-pays-record-34-million-fine-settle-allegations-systemic-visa-fraud


Feel free to dig around over at Companies House

> https://find-and-update.company-information.service.gov.uk/company/09631514/filing-history

Or read the subsequent London Economic story


Scully Blames Rishi for the Excluded

Oh, Paul Scully the ex-MP and ex-Small Business Minister was also singing like a canary yesterday, he jumped in on a previous chat I had with him, and here is our exchange regarding those business owners who didn’t get a penny piece in help or support during the pandemic. As you can see, he lays that firmly at the feet of The Treasury, led at the time by Rishi Sunak of course.