After 3 Weeks Barclays Finally Paid

Good morning to you!

Well, I have finally after 3 weeks of total utter, utter frustration with many, many tears as a result have only received my funds!!!

My god I don’t know where to begin to thank you for this awesome group which has kept my sane throughout the entire time! I’m so grateful to you…

I’m not one normally for social media as I can’t even keep up with FB but decided to join Twitter only recently to see if there was any advice or help.

A couple of people (u know who you are) have kept me positive & I hope the info I’ve given to some has been of help too!

All, I can say to those left to be paid or haven’t yet been able to load the application form – please, please don’t give up …it will come !

I know it’s easy for me to say that now but seriously the issues will be conflict IT issues or markers on the file that need to be physically checked and removed by a human.

Yes, the system was put together at the drop of a hat with lots of issues but we do have to remember that all the very helpful people within the banks are trying their best too.

I have since found out that even though I thought I had sorted out all my missing KYC info I still shouldn’t have been able to apply last Friday 15th my application somehow got through & because I got to the end screen with the DD mandate etc I thought finally that’s it !!!

But, as others have clearly pointed out they applied on day one (4th May) and again the ones that haven’t yet be paid will have markers on their account that need verifying by a human and removed ! The funds will never come until they’re removed – so I’ve been told countless times…..All I can suggest is to keep calling and you WILL get this sorted! Have faith

it’s bloody hard foIr us all but you will get through this! I am addicted now to this group & will offer support as much as possible…..thank you again for this amazing group