A Lurkers BBL Journey with HSBC

Been lurking since last Monday….

HSBC Business Customer 11 years.

Originally applied for a CBIL 3rd April, no response

Applied for BBL Mon 4th 10am (no confirmation)

Applied again for BBL Tues 12th 7am (received confirmation)

Received docs to sign (with dodgy account nums) 2am Weds 13th, signed anyway, 6.45am

Received amended docs 6.40am today.  Signed again by 7am.

Just received funds 50k 9pm Thurs 14th.  No drawdown account, just straight in. (checked 20 times today!).

Didn’t really want to publish timeline as concerned about reputational damage of my company needing funding etc but thought timeline was useful to share direct to you.  Happy for you to share it anonymously.

Well done and thanks for what you have done…. There are people really on the edge it seems.