8 Bounce Back Loan Lenders Not Yet Authorised to Offer Top-Ups

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As with everything Bounce Back Loan related, nothing is as straight forward as it should be, and to complicate matters more, the British Business Bank need to authorize each lender that is currently accredited to allow then to offer top-ups.

Obviously that does of course mean added delays for many of you out there, and as such below is a current (could change at any time) list of lenders that are currently NOT authorised yet to offer Bounce Back Loan Top-Ups.

Lenders Not Currently Authorised to Offer Top-Ups

  • AIB
  • Bank of Ireland UK
  • Close Brothers
  • Conister
  • Funding Circle
  • Metro Bank
  • Paragon
  • Tide

Delays Expected with a Couple of Lenders

I should add that Starling Bank appear to be dragging their heels on communicating and indeed approving or paying out top-ups, whether that will change today or in the days ahead we will have to wait and see.

Those who originally got a Bounce Back Loan via an HSBC Feeder Account can also sadly expect a delay, however some HSBC Business Account top-uppers have been approved and some have already been paid out their top-up.