The Disqualification Files

Company Director Bags 3 Bounce Back Loans Worth £146k Shifts the Money Out of the 3 Business Bank Accounts, Takes the Insolvency Route and Gets Just an 8 Year Disqualification

Santander, who are spying on BBL recipients bank accounts and badgering some of their customers to validate their turnover figures long after they got their loan, could be doing so due to the Company Director, (a BBL customer of theirs) in the case below, who, as you will see, bagged a fortune in Bounce Back Loans and took the insolvency route leaving those loans unpaid at liquidation, and his punishment was an 8-year disqualification. […]

The Disqualification Files

Insolvency Service Decide a 10 Year Disqualification is Suitable Punishment for a Company Director Who Over-Estimated Her Estimated Turnover to Get a £50k BBL When Only Entitled to a £27k BBL

Once again, the Insolvency Service have given out a long disqualification, in this case a 10 year one, to a Company Director who over-estimated her estimated Company turnover, even though she was allowed to estimate her turnover, to bag a bigger Bounce Back Loan than eligible for. […]

The Disqualification Files

Company Director Uses a Lloyds Bank Bounce Back Loan to Pay Off a Personal Loan Against Her Property and Gets a 7 Year Disqualification for Leaving the BBL Unpaid at Liquidation

Bagging a BBL then getting a BBL top up and using it to pay off a personal loan taken out against her home was never a good idea, much more so when the BBL was never repaid, Having admitted such to the Liquidator, this Company Director is now starting a 7-year disqualification as punishment.   […]

The Disqualification Files

Insolvency Service Slap a Company Director With a 6 Year Disqualification As They Couldn’t Work Out Whether His Company Was Eligible for a £50k Bounce Back Loan and Where It Went.

By not delivering to a Liquidator or in the alternative not maintaining and/or preserving accounting records, leaves the Insolvency Service with a problem when a Company takes the insolvency route with a BBL owing, as they cannot work out whether the Company was eligible for that loan and cannot work out where it went. Which in the case below, led to them slapping a Company Director with a 6 year disqualification. […]

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New Figures Reveal Over 29% of All Bounce Back Loans Have Already or are Showing Signs of Being Defaulted On Including Some Which Lenders Have Silently Written Off

What better day to release the latest facts and figures about Bounce Back Loans, than on the day the new Prime Minister is announced, and it was yesterday at around 5pm those figures were released, which as you will see below, they reveal some shocking facts about the BBL scheme and current status of many loans. […]