The Disqualification Files

Over-Egging Turnover and Using Most of a £36k Yorkshire Bank Bounce Back Loan for Personal Benefit Lands Company Director with a 7 Year Disqualification

Some business owners could estimate their turnover to get a Bounce Back Loan, but not the one in today’s case that had been trading for decades. Over-egging the turnover and using most of a BBL for personal benefit and leaving it owning at liquidation has seen him just receiving a 7-year disqualification. […]

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Multiple Reports of Madness with Santander Account Reviews and HSBC Safeguarding Reviews Leading to Demands for Full Repayment of Bounce Back Loans and Even CIFAS Markers

OK, listen up, if you have received an infamous HSBC “Safeguarding review” which they ridiculously send via email so many people miss getting them, or Santander are putting you through one of their equally infamous “account reviews” you need to be aware of what they can do if you do not respond. […]

BBL Complaints and Outcomes

Sole Trader Applied for a Feeder Account in July 2020 with HSBC By the Day of the Scheme Ending March 31st, 2021, They Hadn’t Processed It So He Missed Out – Ombudsman Awards Him £500 Compensation As He Says Having Looked At His Tax Return, He Didn’t Qualify for a £50k BBL Anyway

The title of this BBL related complaint gives you an idea of what the case revolves around, perhaps the applicant made a mistake or could have applied elsewhere for a BBL if HSBC had done things on time, who knows, anyway have a read, and see what you think about it. […]

BBL Complaints and Outcomes

HSBC Declined a Customers BBL Application He Then Submits a Second But Amended One They Toss It Aside Without Reviewing It Thinking it Was a Duplicate – Ombudsman Says He Can Have £100 Compensation For the Bank Says They Would Have Declined the Second One If They Had Properly Assessed It Anyway

Missing out on a Bounce Back Loan due to bank errors and a lack of information from them was something no end of people experienced during the BBL scheme, and this case highlights the stress and suffering caused by banks such as HSBC. […]

The Disqualification Files

Five More Sole Traders and One Individual Hit With Bankruptcy Restrictions Orders For Bounce Back Loan Wrongdoing Including One Who Blew His Playing the Lottery and One Who Wasn’t a Sole Trader at All

£193,000 spread over six Bounce Back Loans have been wasted by those named below, who, instead of using their loans for the economic benefit of their businesses, spent it playing the lottery, gambling or over-egged their turnover and one who was not even a sole trader. […]

BBL Complaints and Outcomes

Man Applies for a Standard Business Loan But Gets Given a CBILs by Mistake the Bank Fixes the Error and He Then Gets a BBL But Liquidator Complains the Bank Made Him Overstate His Turnover – Ombudsman Says Tough It’s His Fault the Company Got a Bigger BBL Than It Was Entitled To – No Word On Whether Lord Agnew is Chasing Him Down the Street Shouting “Fraud” at Him

This is one of those cases regarding a Bounce Back Loan complaint that the Ombudsman has just tossed aside and not upheld that you have to read several times before you get your head around the madness. So do feel free to read it and see what you think. Keep in mind it is the Liquidator who submitted the complaint.  […]

The Disqualification Files

6 Year Disqualification for Business Owner Who Claimed Accounting Records for His Business “Got Lost” Leaving Liquidator Unable to Discover Where Among Other Things an HSBC £17,225 Bounce Back Loan Went

As many of you will be aware, I am still waiting for the Insolvency Service to hopefully take me up on my invitation for them to appear in my series of  filmed Fireside Chats, but until they do here is another case that has resulted in a 6 year disqualification of a Company Director in which an HSBC Bounce Back Loan is no doubt heading for the Government Guarantee. […]